“Apples of North America”

March 9th Annual Meeting

Tom Burford Program – “The Heritage of Apples in Nelson County”

Tom Burford

Tom Burford

The Apple Heritage of Nelson County” by Tom Burford, commonly referred to as “Professor Apple”.  The program featured a special illustrated presentation with photos and descriptions of varieties significant to Nelson’s apple history. 

“Apples of North America” by Tom Burford – Amazon.com review says- “Written by a renowned apple expert, Apples of North America is the quintessential reference book for this iconic fruit. Detailing nearly 200 varieties of apples, Tom Burford explains the uses, history, tree, season of ripening, taste, and any other distinguishing characteristics of each type. He also covers how to plant, prune, and graft your own apples for the ambitious reader. Not only is this book a treasury of information, but it is also fun to browse as it is visually appealing and includes a photo of each apple variety (some of the heirlooms are absolutely breathtaking). You can’t read this book without coming away with a profound respect for apples and by extension nature’s bounty. If you love apples, or fruit in general, this book belongs in your library.”

 Picture of Tom Burford – Washington Post – By Adrian Higgins, Published on October 23, 2013