Nelson County Historical Society
The following are a list of items donated to the Nelson County Historical Society for the archives and/or Oakland Museum.  
We thank the donors for their generosity.
Item Donor
45 rpm record of “The Bypass”,  Jane Raup
1969 copy of Hit Parade, a music magazine for teenagers,  Jane Raup
Check, pouch, register from the Tye River area, 1870’s and 1890’s Joan Rothgeb
Drummond, Henry, Natural Law in the Spiritual World, 1884 (belonged to Ruth Whitehead) Joan Rothgeb
Nelson, Lynn A.,Pharsalia: An Environmental Biography of a Southern Plantation, 1780-1880, 2007 Karla Murrray
Roadside Geology Karla Murray
Lyons, Mary, The Blue Ridge Tunnel: A Remarkable Engineering Feat in Antebellum Virginia, 2014
Karla Murray
Camille Photographs (25-30)
A.T. Stevens
"County LIght" bulletins (1967-1973) Russell North
Blue Ridge Terrace postcard Russell North
Ivanhoe (from Nelson Training School) Becky Howard
School slate and stylus Becky Howard
Pediatrician bill for Tom Burnley, Jr., (Camille-related) Dick Whitehead
Nelson County map with Cabell home locations and information (3 on poster board) Digna Gantt
Photographs from Lovingston High School (circa 1944) Doris Delk
Petition for muster roll from Powell, Stevens, and Kidd, 1909 with commemorative ribbon Elizabeth Spicer Goodloe
Nell Embrey letter with Reed Embrey's recollections of Camille Samantha Embrey
List of Nelson County men killed in World War II, 1949 John and Cindy Crim
Email recounting Reed Embrey's memories of Camille Samantha Embrey