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Camille Commemoration NEWSFLASH!!

NOTE: After you click on and view the following Camille Event Livestream, please note there are two clickable videos.  The video on the left is a Photo Collection and repeats itself,  there is no audio.  The second clickable video on the right, is the entire Camille Commemoration and the audio starts about thirty minutes into the presentation.  There is nothing wrong with your computer.
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Commemorating Camille books are now available at Oakland or by ordering online
$40 hardcover; $30 softcover plus $7.00 shipping or pick up for free at Oakland

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Member Search Capability

  • A searchable listing of the Society's archival holdings at the Nelson Memorial Library and at the Oakland Museum can be found under Society Archives.
  • In some instances, digitized photographs may also be available through the online catalog.  We hope to increase these digitized offerings in the future.
  • Digitized images of several newspapers in the days after Hurricane Camille (August 19-20, 1969) are included under Hurricane Camille.
  • Oral histories and videos are also included under Hurricane Camille.
  • A "Google-based" search engine for searching across the website is also included.  Note: this search engine does not search the archives catalog.  A separate search engine is located with the catalog for searching.
  • All previously published issues of the Nelson County Historical Society's newsletter are also included under Member Login.
  • Research Resources includes listings of the folders held at the Nelson Memorial Library for churches, communities, families, homes, mills, and post offices.
  • Research Resources also includes a listing of links to outside sources with information on Nelson County's history and families.



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Coming Events
October 13
History Day at Wintergreen
Sponsored by Rockfish Valley Foundation.   More details to come.