Nelson County Historical Society
The Nelson Coiunty Historical Society promotes the research and preservation of Nelson County's history through a wide array of projects and programs.  Included among these are the following:
  • Historical programs for members and the community on a monthly basis March-November of each year.
  • Guided tours of Oakland Museum on Saturdays and Wednesday afternoon and by appointment.
  • Work with the Nelson County schools on projects related to Nelson County's history including internships for interested students, tours of historical locations, and the development and integration with teachers of Nelson County's history into the school curriculum.
  • Bi-annual historic homes and property tours 
  • Publication of quarterly newsletters
  • Archiving and preservation of family and local history files and historic  memorabilia at Oakland and the Nelson Memorial LIbrary.
  • Operation of the Oakland Museum store with book and merchandise related to the history of Nelson County 
  • website with content on the Society, Nelson County's history, and Oakland Museum.  Members-only content includes access to a database of the Society's holdings, and in some cases, additional digitized information.
  • Volunteers respond to genealogy and other research requests related to Nelson County based on the Society's holdings.
  • Presentation of an award each recognizing the restoration and preservation of an historical Nelson County property.
  • Renovation and long-range planning for the Oakland Museum and exhibits.
The mission of the Nelson County Historical Society is to create and promote an interest in historical education and research leading to the preservation of artifacts, documents, and written records relevant to the history of Nelson County; and the authentication, preservation and the acquisition, as feasible, of historical sites and structures in Nelson County.

Operating Year: January - December 2019

President: Deborah Harvey
Vice-President: Rhamonia Moore
Secretary: Heywood Greenberg
Treasurer: Elizabeth Goodwin
Board Members
2017-2020: Heywood Greenberg
2017-2020: Bar Delk
2017-2020: Elizabeth Goodwin
2017-2020: David Wooldridge
2017-2020: Rhamonia Moore
2018-2021: Elizabeth Wilbur
2018-2021: Becky Howard
2018-2021: Lori Thompson
2018-2021: Fred Wilbur
2018-2021: Jeannette Kinde
2018-2021: David Wooldridge
2019-2022: Pat Wright
2019-2022: Susan Gardner
2019-2022: Deborah Harvey
2019-2022: Kaye Crabill
2019-2022: Helen Kimble
Building and Grounds: Fred Wilbur
Camille Commemoration: Deborah Harvey
Collections and Exhibits: Elizabeth Wilbur
Docents and Education: Elizabeth Goodwin
Finance: Heywood Greenberg
Historic Preservation: William Wright
Programs and Events: Heywood Greenberg
Publications: Deborah Harvey
Research and Inquiries: Becky Howard
Archivist: Jane Raup
Volunteer Coordinator: Jeannette Kinde
Webmaster: Pat Wright

Meeting Info

The Nelson County Historical Society Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Oakland Museum beginning at 6:30 p.m.
The Society's Annual Meeting is usually held in March of each year.