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View Record  "Godwin Lists $113 Million in Damages"
View Record  "He Smelled Danger in the Air" Ken Ringle.
View Record  "Heavy Research Revives Town's History" (1999)
View Record  "Historical Society Finds Home." Aggie Burke
View Record  "Hundreds Volunteer Aid For Victims of Flood" and other articles from Waynesboro News-Virginian
View Record  "Hurricane Losses Might Have Been Drastically Cut if Small Dams Had Been Built" Gene Carrow
View Record  "I Reckon the Lord Tries Us" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Inventory of Debris Flows and Floods in the Lovingston and Horseshoe Mountain, Va., 7.5 Quadrangles from the August 19/20, 1969 Storm in Nelson County, Va., Map," U.S. Geologic Survey
View Record  "Kind Hands Try: The Wounds of Nelson Won't Heal."
View Record  "Lifetime of reverence for nature awarded," Lynchburg News, February 27, 1981 (copy) Jayne Griffin
View Record  "Living Memorials" Sam Eggleston
View Record  "Making Sense of Camille." Darrell Laurent
View Record  "Massies Mill Strewn with Death, Debris." Lawrence Brown
View Record  "Massies Mill: Ghost Town At Night May Live Again" (clipping from Richmond-Times Dispatch, Dec. 21, 1969) Lawrence Brown
View Record  "Massive Search Planned."
View Record  "Natural Features Caused By a Catastrophic Storm in Nelson and Amherst Counties, Virginia" Va. Dept. of Conservation and Economic Development, Division of Mineral Resources
View Record  "Nature in a Fury"
View Record  "Nelson After Camille: "They've Uncovered a Real Tragedy Up There" (Central Va. Shopping Guide, Charlottesville, Va., August 21, 1979) Garvey Winegar
View Record  "Nelson County Expects Toll to Rise to at Least 150." David Moffitt
View Record  "Nelson County History Remains Unfinished," Nelson County Times, October 28, 1982 Mike Gallagher
View Record  "Nelson Death Toll Mounts as Relief Effort Continues" (2 scans) Gerry Gable.
View Record  "Nelson Deaths Rise to 70 as Searchers Look for 61 Missing"
View Record  "Nelson Factories Still Feeling Effects of August Flooding" Ralph Fuller
View Record  "Nelson Officials Settle Down to Task of Getting County Back Toward Normal.' Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Nelson Still 'In Shock' From Catastrophic Flood" Betty Booker
View Record  "New Tye Bridge In Nelson Dedicated To Mennonite Church."
View Record  "Nixon Gives Nelsonians Personal Pledge of Aid."
View Record  "One Night's Rain Showed Evolutionary Process of Ages" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "One Night's Rain Showed Evolutionary Process of Ages" (1 scan) Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "One Night's Rain Showed Evolutionary Process of Ages." (3 scans) Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Plain People Help Nelson to Its Feet" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Prized Car Lost" Camille article Garvey Winegar
View Record  "Rain That Hit Nelson May Be World Record"
View Record  "Recital by Mr. and Mrs. Criss Next Sunday Will Be For Benefit of New Parish House"
View Record  "Removing Mud Only 1st Step," Judith Davis
View Record  "Route 29 Collapse Sparks Inquiry Into Causes." (1975)
View Record  "SBA Does More Than Lend Money" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Scars of Hurricane Camille Remain After 10 Years" and "They've Uncovered a Real Tragedy Over There" Woody Greenberg and Garvey Winegar
View Record  "School Buses Will Test Rebuilt Roads" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Searching for 'John Boy,'" Potomac News, May 17, 1990 Eddie Dean
View Record  "Solid Gold" Theresa Curry
View Record  "Supervisors Meet on Water" and other articles Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Survivors unite, ease pain of loss; service offers closure 25 years after Camille" Charlotte Crystal
View Record  "The Conflict," News Virginian, no date (copy) Theresa Curry
View Record  "The Dilemma of Disaster Relief; How Can Government Agencies Be Effective?" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "The Flood of '85" (Special Supplement by the News and Daily Advance), Jan. 20, 1986
View Record  "The Flood," The Commonwealth Magazine of Virginia, December 1969 Ken Ringle
View Record  "The Inland Danger" Shannon Brennan
View Record  "The Inland Danger," Shannon Brennan
View Record  "The Night the Mountains Fell" Deborah Huso
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Records: 51 to 100 of 549