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View Record  'Copters Bring Relief in Nelson" and "Governor in Nelson Visit Asks Flags at Half Mast: Bill Jones
View Record  'Never Have I Seen Anything like This': Flood Wrecks Most of Howardsville. Bill Jones
View Record  "'Copters Bring Relief in Nelson" Bill Jobes
View Record  "'This Is the End of Time' in Nelson County: Camille Changed Region Forever" and other Camille articles and reports J. Y. Smith.
View Record  "$75,000 Sought to Restore Farms Damaged in Floods"
View Record  "1,200 Pay Tribute to Flood Victims" Betty Booker
View Record  "15 Flood Victims Remain Nameless," Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "27 Inches of Rain in Eight Hours in Amherst" David D. Ryan
View Record  "33 of Virginia's 46 Flood Victims in Nelson, Toll is Expected Rise"
View Record  "46 Die, 100 Missing in Virginia."
View Record  "6 Years Later, Victims of Camille Unidentified."
View Record  "A Need for Every Item" Audrey Coleman.
View Record  "Aftermath of a Hurricane" (1969)
View Record  "Aftermath" photograph
View Record  "Areas in Hurricane's Path Begin Task of Rebuilding."
View Record  "Ballad Recalls Grief of Nelson Disaster," Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Big Rain." Eugene Kincaid
View Record  "Big Rain" Eugene Kincaid
View Record  "Body Search Nears End in Nelson."
View Record  "Camille Scar is Still Painful" Hank Burchard,
View Record  "Camille Victims Remain Unidentified in County" Ethel Steadman
View Record  "Camille...Greatest Storm Ever to Hit US" David Smothers
View Record  "Camille's Deadly Legacy"
View Record  "Claimed Only by the Flood. Unidentified Bodies Still Haunt Doctors." Earl Swift.
View Record  "Clears Debris," photograph
View Record  "Copters' Departure Delayed in Nelson; More Bodies Found"
View Record  "County Still Scarred by Camille"
View Record  "Death Becomes a Family Affair."
View Record  "Death, Damage Struck Other Areas of State"
View Record  "Debris-Flow Hazards in the Blue Ridge of Virginia: Reducing Landslide Hazards iin the United States" U.S. Geological Survey
View Record  "Disaster Survivor: Every Time it Rains I Think of Camille" Bill Wasson
View Record  "Estimate of Rainfall Revised by Bureau"
View Record  "Flood Aid Termed Generally Faulty" Earl Simpkins.
View Record  "Flood Area Missing Total Climbs Again."
View Record  "Flood Diasaster 1969"
View Record  "Flood Rips Massies Mill.", photograph
View Record  "Flood Victims Give Thanks to Mennonites" Lib Wiley
View Record  "Flood- Wracked Area Prepares to Rebuild" and "Weary Army Probes Disaster; "Raging River Claims Trailer Truck"
View Record  "Flood-ravaged Schuyler Plant...";"Nelson Flood Toll Reaches 63 Dead," "Gathright Dam Might Have Cut Floods"
View Record  "Flood: County Beginning to Think of Resuming Life"
View Record  "Flooding Was Totally Unexpected in Nelson"
View Record  "Godwin Lists $113 Million in Damages"
View Record  "Godwin Recaps Damages"
View Record  "He Smelled Danger in the Air" Ken Ringle.
View Record  "Heavy Research Revives Town's History" (1999)
View Record  "Historical Society Finds Home." Aggie Burke
View Record  "Hundreds Volunteer Aid For Victims of Flood" and other articles from Waynesboro News-Virginian
View Record  "Hurricane Losses Might Have Been Drastically Cut if Small Dams Had Been Built" Gene Carrow
View Record  "I Reckon the Lord Tries Us" Jerry Simpson, Jr.
View Record  "Inventory of Debris Flows and Floods in the Lovingston and Horseshoe Mountain, Va., 7.5 Quadrangles from the August 19/20, 1969 Storm in Nelson County, Va., Map," U.S. Geologic Survey
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Records: 1 to 50 of 423