Nelson County Historical Society

Camille Resource Center

Display in Camille RoomThe Camille Resource Center at Oakland Museum tells the story of Hurricane Camille, the second most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the United States. Through the use of documentaries, listening stations with interviews from survivors, and displays showing the areas impacted and stories of heroism and survival the story of that storm's effect on the County is captured. The Center's database includes hundred of photographs, videos, newspaper articles, and publications related to the storm and its impact on Nelson County.  


New technology is allowing us to share our collection of photos, interviews and videos about Hurricane Camille on a large screen display. Visitors may view a short ten-minute video highlighting Hurricane Camille and its impact on Nelson County or delve into studying various aspects of the storm from survivor stories, maps, meterological/geological aspects, or specific communities. Books with newspaper clippings from the days following the storm are also available for perusing.


‚ÄčThe Nelson County Community Fund, the Smyth Foundation, the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation and private donors funded the development of the Camille Resource Center.