Nelson County Historical Society

Nelson County Timeline Room

Time Line RoomA timeline beginning with the Monacans to present day is displayed around the wall in this room. Events in American history along with the major events in the history of Nelson County are featured on the upper part of three walls within the room. The exhibits roughly follow the timeline and offer many physical items that relate to the development of the county; namely, Native American artifacts, treasures from Cabellsville, minerals that were mined in the county, and apple production items are a few features of the exhibit. Exhibited in the room is an 18th-century quilt with a detailed description.  Schools have always been an important part of the history of the county and the exhibit showcases the era of 1950s-1970s and the many changes that took place with county schools.  
Several notable personalities in the history of the county are featured on the “Have You Met?” panel—currently six are displayed with others to be rotated in the display in the future. 
Displayed in the room for the 21st century  are photographs of the changes with additions made to the Nelson County Courthouse and Nelson Memorial Library.